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Business coaching and Executive coaching for teamwork

A healthy and happy employee is more productive, has a higher sense of fulfillment, is less absent from work, and has low levels of stress.

Through workshops and programs, I help companies educate their employees about the importance of health and wellness in their lives, and how it improves their productivity, creating better results for the company.


Workshops are an excellent opportunity for your company’s employees to learn about different topics related to holistic wellness and health, introduce new ideas and concepts, and inspire them to further explore wellness on their own. They are customized to meet the specific needs and goals of the organization in all areas of wellness including nutrition, movement, emotional intelligence, purpose, work happiness, among others.


Programs consist of different activities designed based on the organization’s needs and a previous diagnosis on the employees’ current health situation. Programs are planned alongside the company to achieve long term goals.


With extensive knowledge in the field of well-being and more than 20 years of experience working in multinational corporations, Yanira Puy offers impactful, energetic and transformational conferences, integrating the audience with the concepts and real-life stories. Her conferences have impacted thousands of people both in virtual and in-person.