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I had the pleasure of meeting Yanira last year while the two of us were working together on a certification and I was pleasantly surprised. Not only her personality, but also her professionalism was what made us invite her to give a talk on Integral Health at Proyecto Itaca and once again she demonstrated her passion, knowledge and the power of communication that she has. A coach and health professional that I would recommend for companies that are looking for wellness programs to improve the productivity, health and happiness of their employees.

Ángela Rivera


I have known Yanira for 7 years, but only in January did I join as her coachee/client in a coaching and mentoring program. It’s amazing how she helped me in these three months, especially since I was about to participate in the Tokyo marathon. Her humility, professionalism, firmness, and compassion guided me on this path. I have loved working with her on this personalized coaching and would recommend her to anyone looking for motivation, empowerment and the fulfillment of their dreams.

Paulette Rembaum


I felt the need to find someone to help me (formally) define my purpose in life. This is how I found Yanira! Yanira and I started working together at a time when I needed the support of a wellness coach to develop a comprehensive wellness plan that included improving my focus and concentration, my diet and that of my family, and also resuming regular physical exercise. With Yanira’s support, I was able to discover and change the things that stood in the way of my overall well-being and take action to define and achieve my goals! Thank you Yanira! I feel truly lucky to have you as my wellness coach! It has been an immense pleasure to travel with you the path towards a greater well-being and a better life! Thank you for your commitment to me, for that energy that is contagious and inspiring, and for the way you carry out the sessions, the follow-up of objectives and that passion that was evident in each session.”

Marcela Rodríguez