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Get to know yourself, discover your interests and skills, and find your wellness path alongside your life coach

Renuévate (Renew Yourself) programs are 100% online. Yanira Puy and Gabriela Fernandez created these courses to help individuals achieve holistic wellness. The programs can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Each of the Renuévate programs consist of videos, audios, and downloadable PDFs that will guide individuals to create the changes they want for mind and body. Find and choose the best program to reach your goals. All the programs are in Spanish.

Renew Yourself: Transform Your Body & Mind in 21 Days

Renuévate is a 21-day online program that focuses on physical and mental transformation. It is designed to help you reach your wellbeing, working on all areas of health. During the program we will guide you with concepts, tools and exercises that help you transform your life to become healthier and happier. For three weeks we cover topics of mind and body such as meditation, physical activity, mental programming, healthy eating, among others.

Train your mind by Renuévate

Train your mind by Renuévate is a 21-day program created for individuals looking to quiet their minds and cultivate mindfulness in their lives. We designed a 3-week progressive course to guide you on how to integrate meditation in your life. During the program you will learn and practice different meditation styles and choose the one that fits your needs. This becomes key in making meditation a part of your daily routine.

Reprogram your mind by Renuévate:

Reprogram your mind by Renuévate is a program for those people wanting to envision and create the life of their dreams. The program consists of 8 modules where we cover different topics like limiting beliefs, NLP, goals, among others. We give you tools to make the necessary changes to reach your dreams.

Nourish your body by Renuévate

Nourish your body by Renuévate is a 9-module program centered around diet and nutrition. This program is ideal for individuals who want to eat better by understanding their own body and the role of food on it. Every module has in-depth analysis about nutrition, macronutrients, organic food and more, giving you essential tools to make the right choices for your body and thrive with energy and health.

Move Your Body by Renuévate

Move Your Body by Renuévate is a 15-day physical training program involving yoga and functional training. It is ideal for people looking to start moving their bodies as part of their physical wellness. Every day has new videos around yoga and training the different muscles in your body. The program includes routines that teach you about the benefits of physical exercise and how to incorporate movement into your daily routine.